10 Tips for writing a Persuasive Opinion Essay

10 Tips for writing a Persuasive Opinion Essay

One of the top soft skills in your professional career is the art of persuasion. Tactful and meaningful conveyance of your point of view helps in convincing the other to accept your suggested action plan. Let’s ponder over a few tricks to get past various communication barriers. Here are some important tips for writing a persuasive opinion essay:



1. Define your position

An important part of the deal lies in your opening of the topic. Mention the problem briefly and clearly reveal the course that you wish to take in the following discussion. Leave no ambiguity in your statements. Clarity and concise points win the heart and break the ice.


2. Brainstorm your points

To convince someone why you believe something is true, or not, requires emotional intelligence. However, with sufficient proofs to back up what you are saying, any rational person will accept your idea. So, throw in all the relevant points to the argument roughly to remember them while structuring your final essay.


3. Do a background check on the audience

Whether you are writing on Why kids shouldn’t learn ABC?’ or you want to share The atrocities of organohalides are causing to the marine life in Pacific Ocean’, make sure the audience knows your topic of a persuasive opinion essay. If they don’t, brief them in layman language in case it is too technical.


However, do not make the mistake of spoon-feeding technicalities to already informed audience as it will offend them.


4. Grab attention with a reasonable arguments 

Relate to your readers. Try to understand the following:

  • Where are they coming from?
  • What state of mind are they in?
  • What would wake them up?


5. Use a draft for a proper framework 

In case you are in a doubt, follow the outline given below in your persuasive opinion essay:

  • Problem Statement
  • Your point of view with background and facts
  • Opposition’s concerns and valid counter arguments
  • Action plan


6. Get your research skills in gear

Avoid generalization in a persuasive opinion essay. ‘All beggars are bad’ will immediately put you in the criticism of the reader and any logical point made after this will be deemed unreliable. The most feared mistake is making sweeping statements when your dialogue is not backed up with credible resources. Always get the support of popular facts and renowned sources.


7. Respect opposition and remain fair-minded

Never demean your opposition. Respect their argument and keep their concerns in mind in order to be a pro at persuasion. Honorably address the potential problems in your argument beforehand.


8. Three types of persuasion

Logos: This is when you use rational and logical appeal using pieces of evidence.

Pathos: In these scenarios, you have to relate to the audience’s emotions and make an appeal to them.

Ethos: Appeals like these are usually made by experts out of knowledge and experience. A sweet blend of bitter truth with the right amount of emotional appeal can do the trick.


9. Revise It

The moment you make a mistake in your writing, you will lose your argument. Thoroughly recheck your references and resources and ensure they are correctly cited throughout your essay.
A right point made at the right time does the whole persuasion mostly.


10. Conclude with strong inferences

Finally, restate the problem and provide an action plan by referring to the recent logical points you have stated. Rationalize why you have chosen the following action plan and how important it is. In a flow of inferences, you will surely succeed in persuading the reader without fail.


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