15 Steps To Write a Master’s Dissertation

15 Steps To Write a Master’s Dissertation

Your dissertation is just like a plain cloth waiting to be tailored and fancied by you. You are probably ending your research and have reached a conclusion regarding your thesis. Now, your degree requires you to contemplate a well-structured master’s dissertation which you have come across for the first time. In case you have been placed in an unwanted position of writing a lengthy dissertation while you dread writing, a road-map will lead you to finish it before the deadline in a seamless manner.


      1. Hunt for objectives


Most popular way to get started with the dissertation is gathering motivation. Ponder and analyze the objectives for writing a dissertation. A goal written is half done, they say. Understanding the problem renders it solvable and it will enable you to handle it in the desired manner.


     2. Conceptualize possible thesis ideas


Career oriented dissertations empower individuals as they delve deeply into their relevant field. Gaining general knowledge through research along the way will develop you into a professional. A suggested way to brainstorm ideas is to think of the list of unsolved problems in the world and extract their impact.


    3. Explore the topics


After a whole bucket of ideas, consult seniors and supervisor about the practicality and need of the idea.


    4. Choosing the right one


If all else fails, go with the topic where your heart leads you. A motivated person will unlock the mysteries of the world with the extra mile they will walk. Finally, ensure that your topic adds up to your career development.


    5. Get the supervisor’s approval


Since your dissertation has to be accepted and graded by the supervisor, getting their approval at the initial stage is a lot better than submitting a paper bound to fail. Talk about other ideas in your mind in case your first priority gets rejected.


    6. Plan your attack strategy


Make frequent visits to your supervisor and develop a timeline of deliverables for review to tackle the dissertation in manageable pieces.


    7. Be an earnest researcher


A person’s claim without evidence is a fantasy. Dive deep into your topic by reading relevant research papers, books and consulting any professional in the relevant field.


    8. Write an extensive literature review


To back up your thesis statement, write a detailed literature review in order to infer the logical process of how you decided to frame your dissertation to give concrete proof.


    9. Cite primary sources and point to references


Just like a popular person’s opinion seems credible, adding primary resources and stating their references throughout the texts strengthens the dissertation.


    10. Choose citation format


Usually, IT fields ask for IEEE format of citation while social sciences demand APA, MLA or Chicago style of referencing. Go to your guidelines to find which format you are supposed to follow or ask your supervisor as referencing styles are graded too.


   11. Stand in your audience’s shoes


Technical professionals sometimes have a lot of knowledge to deliver hence are unable to come down to their listeners’ level of understanding of the topic. Hence, do a background check on potential readers’ knowledge of the topic and use a considerable tone throughout the dissertation.


   12. Show the way to your conclusion


As dissertations are lengthy, keep referring to the blueprint that leads the reader to your conclusion from an introduction to a literature review, to the methodology and to testing to a conclusion.


   13. Get critical feedback before submission

Share your dissertation to a trustworthy friend or supervisor for final suggested edits.


   14. Recheck for submission guidelines and policies

Before final submission, thoroughly browse through the guidelines provided to you and analyze your essay for possible mistakes.


   15. Stay positive and defend it

After complying with each and every submission policy, stand strong and defend your stance with credible resources to back up your claim successfully.


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Jessica Alfie
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