The Informative Essay Structure

The Informative Essay Structure

Informative essays are a staple for university/college students. To formulate an interesting essay, you need writing skills, time, ideas, and evaluation skills. If you feel lost and do not know how to start writing an informative essay, then fret not, for we have the structure and tips to write a good essay.

A good informative essay notifies the readers regarding a certain event, person or idea. To inform the audience effectively, deep study of the topic is necessary. The writer must be able to address the key details of the topic extensively.



The format of an informative essay


It is necessary to follow a prescribed structure when writing an informative essay. The purpose of the structure is to garner the attention of the reader and keep them hooked. Your informative essay will have an introductory paragraph, body paragraphs, and a conclusive paragraph. After declaring your thesis in the introduction, you will need to support the information present in the body paragraphs with facts and figures. The major idea of the topic is interpreted in the body paragraph. Lastly, the conclusive paragraph will sum up the main talking points of the essay and reiterate the thesis.


What makes your informative essay stand out?


  • Engaging introduction
  • Instructive body paragraphs with facts to support the arguments
  • Striking conclusions
  • Discussion of relevant sources

How to write an effective outline?


An outline helps to plan your essay beforehand. Developing an outline is a pre-writing process, and it organizes the relevant details you wish to incorporate in your essay. The structure of the essay is represented by the outline. A well-thought-out plan with arguments, evidence and main ideas is vital to developing a good essay.


The introductory paragraph


A good introduction hooks your audience and pushes them to read more of the text. The introductory paragraph has brief information on the topic followed by a thesis sentence that sets the focal of the entire essay.

Use different means to catch the attention of your reader. An element of emotion, quotation, facts or figure can be used to capture the attention of the reader. The introduction should be clear and easy to understand.


The body paragraphs


The body paragraphs contain the main idea of the topic. The main idea is then elaborated and supported by arguments, facts, or statistics. The writer informs the audience regarding their topic in these paragraphs. You can only provide relevant evidence and explanation of a topic if you have researched it. Interpretation of the main points helps to inform the readers about your subject.

You need to employ your writing and analytical skills here to educate the readers about your topic.


The conclusive paragraph


The conclusion may be the last part of the essay, but the same effort should be put in to write it when compared with the introduction and body paragraphs. The reader develops the final impression regarding your write up after reading the conclusion. A good conclusive paragraph includes a summarization of the major ideas discussed in the essay and restatement of the thesis.


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