How to Write an Introduction to an Academic Dissertations?

How to Write an Introduction to an Academic Dissertations?

What is an academic dissertation? Dissertation is different from an essay. In an essay, you are assigned a topic by an instructor and your written response is comparatively shorter than a dissertation. A dissertation is an independent research project in which the student selects the topic themselves and publishes the findings from their research. The word dissertation has its roots from the Latin word which means to debate. Dissertations are longer than essays because they discuss multiple point of views of a specific topic. Unlike in an essay, only one side of the topic is tackled.




How to Write the Introduction?

A captivating introduction and abstract are vital for a successful dissertation. The introduction and abstract are the first things that are read by your audience when they refer to your dissertation. Hence, it is important to develop an introduction that hooks your audience and encourages them to read more.

The introduction of dissertation should include:

  • The focus of your research
  • The value of your study
  • Objectives of your independent study
  • Preparatory background details regarding your study

When you sit down to write the introduction of your academic dissertation, you should first write about the preparatory background details first. The rest of the bullet points can be incorporated in the opening paragraph in any order.


What more to Include?

The introduction of dissertation should also include sub-sections. These sub-sections must have suitable headings. Moreover, the important references that are used throughout your research should be included in this paragraph as well. This particular instance will allow your readers to familiarize themselves with the important aspects of your paper right when they start reading your paper.


The Most Important Part of the Introduction: Background

The background context of your research is crucial. It is necessary to communicate to your audience why you decided to work on the topic you chose. You need to express that your research is worthwhile. Provide key reasons that motivated you to opt for this topic. Explaining the problem and how your research helps to find a solution to the problem is a good way to portray that your research is substantial.


Outlining the Aims and Objectives of your Study

Incorporating the aims and objectives of your research in the introduction makes up for clarity in your paper. A research study consists of an aim. From the aim, the objectives of the research branch out. The main purpose of the objectives is to explain how the aim will be achieved. When jotting down study objectives, these things should be kept in mind:

  • The objective should be appropriate to your field of study
  • They should not be ambiguous.
  • The objectives should be unique and augment together to help achieve the aim
  • They should be realistic and achievable in the given time frame

It is vital that you tackle the stated objectives in the main body of your dissertation. The purpose of these objectives is to fulfill them. If you follow the above-mentioned steps efficiently, you can develop an interesting introduction to your dissertation.


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